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Proof of Vaccination Protocol - Q&A

Q: Where can I learn more about the Proof of Vaccination Protocol?
A: The most up-to-date and most trusted source of information related to the Proof of Vaccination Protocol can be found at


Q: Who will be responsible for checking proof of vaccination during school-based events?
A: This will be the responsibility of the school through the direction of the Principal. This could be a staff member, volunteer, student (where applicable), etc. It is recommended that there be as few entry points as possible to these events.


Q: Are schools expected to request proof of vaccination for outdoor events?
A: Yes, they are.


Q: Is there a transition period for vaccination for students who are 12 years old?
A: Yes. Children who turn 12 between 1 January and 4 October 2021 have until 31 December 2021 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated. Children who turn 12 after 4 October 2021 have 3 months from their birthday to get vaccinated.


Q: Can students 13 to 18 years of age with one dose of vaccination participate in extra-curricular activities?
A: Yes, students 13 to 18 who have proof of receiving 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine can participate in extra-curricular activities. To continue participating, these students must provide proof of full vaccination by November 9, 2021.


Q: What is the expectation of schools when a spectator arrives with no proof of vaccine?
A: The expectation is that the spectator will be made aware that they are not permitted to enter the event due to government policy. Should the spectator refuse to leave or become aggressive, the recommendation is to contact RCMP or Municipal Police.


Q: If school gyms or spaces are being used by the community after-hours, who is responsible for checking proof of vaccine?
A: The holder of the booking takes on the responsibility, not the school. It should be clear upfront to the booker that the proof of vaccine protocol applies.


Q: Are schools required to maintain records from each individual event?
A: No, schools should not maintain records.


Q: Are masks still required at these extra-curricular events?
A: The current Public Health mask rules need to be followed.


Q: Do SAC members need to show proof of vaccination to attend, in person meetings during after-school hours?
A: These meetings can happen virtually. If they are in person, proof of vaccine is required.


Q: Once vaccinations are checked once, will individuals need to be checked every time they attend an event?
A: Regular team members may be checked once. For others, proof of vaccine will need to be checked every time, as records will not be kept.


Q: Do guest speakers, presenters etc. need to be vaccinated?
A: Volunteers during the school day will need to show proof of vaccination by November 30 as per the Public Health Order.


Q: How does this impact after school activities run by SchoolsPlus?
A: This is considered an essential activity with a school-based partner that could be closely linked to programming and student well-being, and therefore, would not require proof of vaccination.


Q: Do school-based volunteers (i.e. Breakfast Program) require proof of vaccination?
A: Volunteers or service providers will need to show proof of vaccination prior to November 30 as per the Public Health Order.


Q: How will Principals manage curricular events taking place within the community during the school day?
A: Students, staff and volunteers will be expected to follow the vaccine protocol of the community venue.


Q: Do we require proof of vaccination for events such as family-teacher conferences, IPP meetings, team meetings etc.?
A: This Protocol does not apply for these essential meetings. Schools will work with families to determine the best option for these meetings, including virtual.


Q: Do coaches, volunteers, referees, and officials need to be vaccinated for school sporting events? If so, by when?
A: Yes, any adult involved directly in a school sporting event (like a coach, volunteer, official) must be fully vaccinated to participate as of October 4, 2021.


Q: When spectators are arriving at games are schools expected to also request a photo/government identification?
A: Yes, identification will ensure that the vaccine record corresponds to the individual.


Q: What about extracurricular activities that happen throughout the day such as Student Council, Band, GSA, etc.
A: Unless directed by Public Health due to an individual school outbreak, these events during the school day do not require proof of vaccination. Volunteers or service providers will need to show proof of vaccination prior to November 30 as per the Public Health Order.


Q: Will some students (or others) be provided with medical exemptions as it relates to the proof of vaccine?
A: Yes, they will be based on existing medical documentation. Public Health has a standard form that will be used if an individual has a medical exemption.


Q: What if a student expresses a desire to get vaccinated but is not supported by their parents/guardians?
A: Students who are 12 years of age can provide their own consent. Immunization sites have a consent process they must follow.


Q: Will Principals be provided with support/documentation outlining clear direction for potential volunteers?
A: Information on proof of vaccine can be found at:


Q: How will Principals determine what is essential as it relates to visitors?
A: It’s important to remember that schools continue to maintain the ability to control access to the site just as they did prior to the pandemic. While children have the right to be in the building, visitors and volunteers remain guests. This will continue to be under the discretion of the Principal based on what is essential in regards to programming and services focusing on student achievement and well-being. Volunteers or service providers will need to show proof of vaccination prior to November 30 as per the Public Health Order.